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Visitor Instruction

Visitor Guidance

Exhibiting Hours:

09:00-17:00, December 4, 2020

09:00-17:00, December 5, 2020

09:00-14:00, December 6, 2020

Venue: Fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center

Address: Fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center, 198 nanjiangbin avenue, chengmen town, cangshan district, fuzhou city, fujian province

Venue in Chinese: 福州海峡国际会展中心

Address in Chinese:福建省福州市仓山区城门镇南江滨大道198号福州海峡国际会展中心

Exhibits: Textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, sewing equipment, textile fabrics/accessories, etc.

The fair is only open to professional visitors with Entry Badges exchanged by Registration and personal business card.

1. Visiting Procedure

  Register on Visitors Register Counter→ Get the Entry Badge & Visitors' guidance→ Have scaned on the Entry → Visiting

2. How to Get the Entry Badge?

A. Pre-registered Visitors

Method A.: Pre-register Online to provide personal information→Have the Confirmation Letter by E-mail from the organzier→Take the copy of the Letter to the fair sit and exchange for the Entry Badge by free.

Method B: Have the Invitation Letter from the organzier and fill the Pre-register Form→Faxto the organzier before the fair open→Have the Confirmation Letter by the organzier→Take the Letter to the fair sit and exchange for the Entry Badge by free.

B. Onsite Registered Vistiors (no Confirmation Letter )

Fill the Visitors Register Form → Have checked by the staff → exchange for the Entry Badge.

C. Group Visitors

Pre-registered Group Visitors

Hand over memebers` information → Exchange the Entry Badge of Group Visitors

Onsite Group Visitors

Hand over memebers' busines card→ Have Checked by the staff → Exchange for Entry Badge.

3. Visitors' guidance

A. Visitor Register Counter

Located in the venue square, it will handle the visiting procedure and inquiry.

B. Visitors' guidance & Directory

Visitors' guidance, with floor plan and activities introduction, is distributed to all registered visitors along with the Visitor Badge; Directory with the entire exhibitors list will be given to Pre-registered Visitors and Visitors with business card for free. The other visitors can buy the copies at the Visitor Registration Center.

C. Information Center

Located at Visitors Registration Center and by the entrance of every exhibiting hall. You can also contact Organizer Office: 0086-130 5190 7509