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Must Taste in Fuzhou

Fuzhou, is the capital of Fujian. "There is Fushan in the north of the state," hence the name. And because the eucalyptus tree was planted more than 900 years ago, "the green shade is full of the city, the summer is not covered," so there is also the reputation of "Rong Cheng". Fuzhou is a famous city with a history of more than 2,200 years. It has also created a long-established food culture in Fuzhou. It has a long history and is rich in local characteristics of southern countries. In particular, Fuzhou cuisine is famous for cooking mountain and sea flavors. It is unique in the culinary world and has become the main body of one of the eight major cuisines in the country. Therefore, it is known as the “Fuzhou cuisine is fragrant and fragrant, and food culture has been passed down through the ages.”. Fuzhou cuisine, high-end full-fledged cuisine, shark's fin seats, sea cucumber seats, bird's nest seats, fish lips seats, Buddha jump wall, etc.; among them, the most famous and well-known Chinese and foreign is the "Focus jump wall", which is listed as the chief dish of the recipe. ". Fuzhou's flavored snacks include fish nine, flat meat swallows, shrimp crisps, glutinous rice cakes, light cakes, Dingbian paste, spring rolls, fried flour, Fuzhou line noodles, etc. In this issue, we will introduce a few classics. Fuzhou snack food.

First of all, Fuzhou fish balls, presumably this is also the first impression everyone has on Fuzhou cuisine. After all, Fuzhou fish balls are too famous. There is a saying in Fuzhou that “no fish balls are not in place”, and it is not difficult to see the popularity of fish balls in Fuzhou. Fish balls, fish balls, and fish are the most important raw materials, but there are hundreds of fish, Fuzhou Linhai, and abundant aquatic products. Therefore, the fish of Fuzhou traditional fish balls mainly use the squid, shark or some other fresh water that is abundant in the nearby sea area. Fish, chop the fish into a puree, add a certain proportion of sweet potato starch and mix well, then pack with pork or shrimp as a trap, knead into a pellet, put the water in the pot and boil, add the fish balls after boiling. Drop a few drops of shrimp oil, boil again, put it in a bowl, take a bowl of bone soup, sprinkle with some chopped green onion, is a bowl of fragrant Fuzhou fish balls.

The well-made Fuzhou fish balls are bright and white, bright and tender, soft and crisp, and have a long-lasting quality. The rate of loosening is good and the taste is delicious. Bite down, the skin of the fish and sweet potato starch Q smooth, the unique seafood taste is faintly lingering in the mouth, the invagination is a unique taste, the common pork stuffing, the soup is rich, than the meat package The pork stuffing is firmer and more elastic, and a whole piece of pork stuffing is concentrated in the smaller fish balls. The deliciousness of the pork stuffing is concentrated.

If the big head of Fuzhou snacks is fish balls, then the second home of Fuzhou snacks is not a meat swallow. "Flesh swallow" and swallows have nothing to do with it, it looks like chaos, but it is essentially different from chaos. The common chaotic skin is made of flour, and the most characteristic of the meat swallow is its skin, meat. Yan's skin can be more than chaotic skin, and the lean meat of the pig's hind legs is selected, and after being minced with meat, it is matched with a certain proportion of sweet potato powder, which is hand-made through delicate and complicated processes, as thin as white paper. Its color is like jade, the taste is soft and tender, it is tough and strong, and it gives off meat and is very refreshing. Meat Yan is also known as Taipingyan in Fuzhou. It is not only a special flavor snack in Fuzhou, but also a festive dish in Fuzhou customs. Fuzhou people celebrate the holidays, weddings and funerals, friends and relatives, must eat "Tai Pingyan", that is, take the "Tai Ping", "Peace" Geely, so "no Yan is not a feast, no Yan is not a mature."

The third kind of Fuzhou snack food to be introduced next is called “pot side paste”. In Fuzhou dialect, “Ding” means “pot”, so another name for pot side paste is Ding Bian paste. Ding Bian paste is usually made from fresh hazelnut glutinous rice dumplings. Of course, if you want to get a more delicious taste, you can re-enter the tibia, pig large intestine, small intestine and so on. When you want to eat, put in a wok soup with pre-cooked hazelnut soup, then sprinkle with ingredients such as mushrooms, dried shrimps, and broccoli, and boil until the top of the iron pan is baked. The thick rice syrup is poured along the side of the pot, and the rice syrup is dried in the pot and dried into a dry skin. Then scrape it into the soup with a spatula, cook it for a while, and sprinkle with some parsley, chopped green onion is a bowl. A delicious and delicious pot of paste.

The Ding Bing just out of the pot is crispy and brittle, the soup is not sticky, the food is delicate and smooth, and the fragrance is delicious. With a steamed buns or fritters, it is a very rich and full breakfast. Anyone who lives in Fuzhou will have a special feeling for the pot side paste. It is a bit like Quanzhou people eat a bowl of hot noodle paste almost every day. Fuzhou’s old town life is also inseparable from the pot side. The existence of paste.