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Exhibitor Instruction




Please APPLY ONLINE or complete the Application Form and fax it to the organizer before February 19, 2020


Your application will be examined and approved by the Organizer within 3 working days.


Based on the principle of "First Apply, First Select", organizer will confirm the size and location of the booth according to


the fair progress and company information.


Sign the Application Form with the organizer.


A.50% of the booth fee should be paid in a week after confirmation of the booth; the rest should be paid before February 19, 2020.

B.Please fax the Bank Remittance after payment to the organizer to check.


A.Exhibitors should provide appointed forms according to Exhibitors' Guidance and enjoy a set of services.


B.It is recommended for exhibitors to contact the Booth Constructors, Transporters, etc. recognized by the organizer. Exhibitors have the right to cooperate with other service companies, but they should contact the organizer as soon as possible.

C.The special decoration and onsite activities made by exhibitors should inform the organizer beforehand.


A.Take the business card, Application Form and copy of Payment Evidence to Organizer`s Office in the venue between 8:30-17:00, March 17-18, 2020 and get the Exhibitors` Badge and other materials after payment confirmation by the organizer.

B. If the constructors of special decoration need Move-in Badge and apply for over working, they should contact the organizer beforehand.

C.The security will only admit the constructors and exhibitors with badges.


A.March 19-21, 2020 is the exhibiting date.

B.The organizer will provide exhibitors with Directory.


Exhibitors should move out the exhibition hall within the time below.

14:00-19:00, March 21, 2020


Organizer will provide exhibitors with Post Show Report and other information.


The deadline of application is February 19, 2020.

Any exhibits irrelevant to the fair, like toys, massagers, etc. will be confiscated and the exhibitors' qualification will be canceled without any return.

Exhibitors should pay for the booth within specified time, or organizer has the right to re-assign this booth. And the application is considered to be invalid.

The exhibitor participating in Chinese Hall must be domestic company or joint company with over 50% stock by Chinese; the exhibitor participating in International Hall must be Foreign-owned Company, Joint Company with over 50% stock by foreigners, or manufacturers and agents of foreign brands.

The charge for electricity, gas, water and transportation is not included in the Booth Fee. Please refer to Exhibitors' Guidance.