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World Textile looks at China and China Textile is in Fujian.

China's textile industry base city, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (Changle City), is the city of Konghaijiang "three ports", and its economic strength has ranked among the "Top 100 National Enterprises" for many years. Changle Textile has formed a relatively complete industrial cluster integrating chemical fiber, spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing, clothing and textile machinery, process research and development, and facility maintenance. 2005 Changle was awarded by China Textile Industry Association. "China's textile industry base city." Changle Textile Industry has an annual output of nearly 1.5 million tons of chemical fiber staple fiber, filament and blended yarn; the spinning industry has a scale of 4 million spindles, and the output of chemical fiber yarn and chemical fiber blended yarn ranks first in the country;

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